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New Seedlings

Mesembs (and a few non-mesembs) are making their way up. All under artificial light.

Sphalmanthus tenuiflorus, day 3

Ornithogalum sardienii, day 4

Lithops marmorata, day 2

Lithops julii, day 3

Lithops dorothea, day 3

Lithops aucampiae, day 2

Conophytum bilobum, day 3

Conophytum bicarinatum, day 2

Conophytum auriflorum, day 2

Lithops germination!

Yeah, those boulders are sand particles, and that glob is a brand new Lithops. Please, welcome him to this world.

We have a bunch of Lithops and other mesembs’ babies, but they all look pretty much the same at this stage – green globs of cell.

Lithops, day 1


This year we decided to sow Pseudolithos. Internet is full of accounts of how difficult it is to germinate and cultivate. In our case it was the first plant to germinate (with 100% germination rate) and has been growing happily for a few days how.

Pseudolithos migiurtinus, day 1

If you have sown or grown Pseudolithos or related Asclepiads, I would love to hear about your experience.