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New Seedlings

Mesembs (and a few non-mesembs) are making their way up. All under artificial light.

Sphalmanthus tenuiflorus, day 3

Ornithogalum sardienii, day 4

Lithops marmorata, day 2

Lithops julii, day 3

Lithops dorothea, day 3

Lithops aucampiae, day 2

Conophytum bilobum, day 3

Conophytum bicarinatum, day 2

Conophytum auriflorum, day 2

Frithia is meant to be seen up close

You need a microscope to fully enjoy Frithia’s texture.

Frithia's new leaves.

Fall – pushing new leaves

What’s great about the fall is that it does not matter what mesemb you are. Whether you are a summer- or winter-grower, if it’s fall – you grow. Here is Frithia pushing new leaves.

Frithia pushing new leaves.