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Sphalmanthus tenuiflorus back lit

Sphalmanthus tenuiflorus


Sphalmanthus tenuiflorus, 4 weeks old

Those bubbles are not droplets of water. They are water storage sacks on the surface of the leaves.

Sphalmanthus tenuiflorus, 4 weeks old

New Seedlings

Mesembs (and a few non-mesembs) are making their way up. All under artificial light.

Sphalmanthus tenuiflorus, day 3

Ornithogalum sardienii, day 4

Lithops marmorata, day 2

Lithops julii, day 3

Lithops dorothea, day 3

Lithops aucampiae, day 2

Conophytum bilobum, day 3

Conophytum bicarinatum, day 2

Conophytum auriflorum, day 2